ARMAGNAC - 700 years of history

The vineyards of ARMAGNAC are located in the heart of the Gascony region, home of d’Artagnan, the most famous of the Three Musketeers, whose favourite brandy was said to be ARMAGNAC.

ARMAGNAC is France’s oldest eau-de-vie. In fact, it was during the Roman period in France that cultivated grapevines were first introduced to the region. It was the Arabs who brought the first stills, while the Celts created the first barrels.

From the combination of these three cultures, ARMAGNAC was born.

It’s official, ARMAGNAC can boast over seven centuries of history, with the first conclusive evidence of its production and commercialisation found in the fifteenth century.

• At the same time that the Forbidden City was being built in China, ARMAGNAC appeared in Gascony. They share certain similarities: both are old, marvellously preserved and iconic artefacts of their region’s history. And conceal hidden treasures beneath a calm exterior.

• In the 18th century, the War of Independence in the United States saw the demand for Armagnac soar as the American revolutionaries boycotted whiskey and cognac, popular spirits among their English opponents.

• In the early twentieth century, Armagnac became a protected brandy. Firstly, Gascony protected its area of production through the decree of May 25, 1909. Then, as Moscow regained its status as capital in 1918, in 1936, ARMAGNAC officially received its AOC certification – protected designation of origin – proof of a respect for the land and the region’s ancestral skills.

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